Twelve Days Of Christmas 2023

Twelve Days Of Christmas 2023

On the first day of Christmas, my true wish came to me, so many presents for free! It’s that special time of year again when everything becomes so festive and cheery, and it just so happens that we've got a little something to make you even more cheery!

Starting the day this newsletter goes live, also known as December 14th, 2023, Meshcaid's Twelve Days Of Christmas event will begin, lasting through until Christmas Day on December 25th, 2023. During this event, you will have the opportunity to log in each day and claim a present ranging from 5 Nodes to a brand new item selling for 100 Nodes regularly on the Marketplace.

Claim Your Presents:

For those of you who want to know the specifics, this event will function similarly to how advent calendars work, meaning you claim your daily present for each one of the twelve total days, however, if you miss a day you will not be able to make up that missed day.

Twelve Days Of Christmas Daily Rewards

  • First Day Of Christmas [December 14th]: 5 Nodes
  • Second Day Of Christmas [December 15th]: 15 Nodes
  • Third Day Of Christmas [December 16th]: (SECRET SHIRT)
  • Fourth Day Of Christmas [December 17th]: 20 Nodes
  • Fifth Day Of Christmas [December 18th]: 10 Nodes
  • Sixth Day Of Christmas [December 19th]: (SECRET BEANIE)
  • Seventh Day Of Christmas [December 20th]: 5 Nodes
  • Eighth Day Of Christmas [December 21st]: 15 Nodes
  • Ninth Day Of Christmas [December 22nd]: (SECRET SWEATER)
  • Tenth Day Of Christmas [December 23rd]: 20 Nodes
  • Eleventh Day Of Christmas [December 24th]: 10 Nodes
  • Twelfth & FINAL Day Of Christmas [December 25th]: (SECRET ITEM)

Oh, and we almost forgot to mention one very important thing, those of you who manage to collect all twelve days of rewards without missing a single day will receive an additional 200 Node reward for your dedication and hard work.

So armed with this knowledge, what will you do now? Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, let them be as wonderful as ever this year, sincerely, the Meshcaid team.