The "Weekly" Bits - The Third

The "Weekly" Bits - The Third

We've been ridiculously busy bringing you guys the features we've set out for. That includes the client as well! If you're curious as to what's even going on with Meshcaid– you're in the right place. So let's start off with what the site has going on.

Admittedly, I'm pulling from the #progress-updates tab on our Discord server. Regardless of that, let's see here. On June 30th, we had released version 3.2.0 which did add quite a bit of cool background stuff. I'm going to be adding the unreleased patch notes as well as the 'released' patch notes. I'm going in order here, so bear with me.

- Rebuilt Client Side Authentication and User Registration for OAuth2 Changes/Fixes.
— Site will no longer refresh for while re-authenticating
- Updated User Upgrade Styles and Designs to work with new check out
- Pulled Avatar Renders on Forums, Users, and User Statuses instead of using preset image.
- Rebuilt Meshcaid's Payment/Checkout System
— Users can now update purchase nodes and pledges. Users upgrading their pledges have a discount automatically applied.
- Began Refactoring OAuth2 code to connect your Discord Account with Meshcaid
- Users Settings shows general account information and privacy settings can be updated.
- Added notifications that when clicked, are removed.
- Rebuilt Backer system that works with both older & new backer system
— Backer Pledge Rewards are expected to release around v3.4.0
- New Success Page added after upgrading your account (Purchasing a pledge or additional nodes). Page contains additional/finalized upgrade details
- Web Client Version Notification will no longer display when you refresh the page
- Removed Old Framework Styling Files for Themes
- New Forum >> Symbol
-Added "New Reply" button at the bottom of threads
-Fixed Reply Count when viewing a thread
-Longer names on the Meshcaid Forums now have a smaller font to present correctly... Sorry, ya'll don't get big font names. c;
-Cookie Notice added because of our EU friends
New Background Color for Input Elements on User Settings and Forums.
- Added Styling, Functionality, and Error handling to General, Privacy, and Security Settings
- Refactored User Registration to be compatible with new Authentication System
Functionality & Error Handling added to Updating Account Email
- Ability to request new verification email through settings
- Functionality & Error Handling added to Updating Account Password
- Strength Testing Added when updating account password
- Fixed User Registration not Authenticating Users after creating Account

Props to Chance, that's one chonky boy of an update log. Makes me a little ashamed to note that I don't really have anything meaningful to post about the client at this current point in time. Much of the stuff I'm doing is purely linking the client to the website and getting it to verify and actually wait for the verification to do what it needs to. Oh well, I'll keep trucking through it as my Trello to-do list keeps on getting bigger and bigger. On that note, there is some really neat things that I can be proud of. User clothing actually does move with our model and looks slick as all get out. As a note, user clothing will be customizable and we've got a good assortment of various clothings to get you guys started.

For example, look at these S H O R T S


Ok ok, we have shirts and pants aswell, but I figured I've give you guys something to look at. If you want more sneak peeks, please consider becoming a backer! You get exclusive access to the #backer-chat on our Discord where we post most of our not-so-public-yet stuff.

On that note, thank you for reading and we hope to see you in our next "weekly" bits.