The Weekly Bits - "2"

The Weekly Bits - "2"

Hello! Welcome back to another installment of the Weekly Bits. As of right now, we're sort of having the conundrum that the Weekly Bits isn't actually... weekly. But that's okay! These things take time, and so does making these posts. Regardless, let's take a moment to see exactly where we're at in this current point in time.

First off, it's fairly quiet. Whether you're looking at our Discord server or the actual website, well. In any case, despite how quiet it all is we're still hard at work on the website and the game client. There's quite a bit of things that are happening back end still, such as better authentication and API, user accountability, better user settings that doesn't use the old 2018 API, and a built payment system so you can buy pledges and Nodes.

Speaking of Nodes, have you kept up on your daily Multiplier? I personally sort of flubbed on my multiplier by working on the client for two days without checking back in on the site. I'm now at a crisp blazing 1.3x multiplier. Okay okay, it's not all that good but those rewards truly do rack up.

slaps hood of multiplier yep, that's a sick multiplier.

I highly recommend you keep your Multiplier building, we're getting ready to start constructing that Marketplace. Yeah, the Marketplace! Look, we know that isn't exactly terribly exciting– after all, there's a lot of sites that already have that feature. However, with the advancements we've made so far and even the poll that let us know what the community wants, it's going to be one of our bigger updates in the future. That brings me to my next point here, we're looking to contract 3D Modelers to help make those sick hats and outfits for you all to enjoy. Feel free to toss us a message on our Discord server to see if you're qualified.

If you're looking for what to expect in our next site update (3.2.0), you can check out the rather substantial change log right here.

It's a good read, trust me.

Otherwise, as far as client development goes...

Client development has been steady, I spent a little too much time getting the movement to feel right and to make all those animations mesh together in a way that's satisfying to look at. My next order of business is to actually begin integration into the website side of things, but there's a few challenges here and there that we're figuring out first. Even so, it's still really really cool to see our creation come together into something that's pleasing to look at. That goes for both the site and the client.

I would've added a gif or something here but I don't have any good ones to showcase at the current moment

If you enjoyed this newsletter, let us know. If you'd like to see more then check out our Discord server and/or website to see just what the heck we're doing. Remember, we value your input and will never ever discourage constructive criticism.

See you at the next Weekly Bits!