Upgrade Your Account

Upgrade Your Account

Throughout the past few years, everyone on Meshcaid had the opportunity to purchase a pledge and become a Backer alongside the ability to purchase extra Nodes. In September of 2023, we removed both the ability to purchase Nodes and Backer pledges. Now, in December of 2023, our new web framework is ready for some long-awaited action and excitement!

We are introducing a new subscription system for all users across Meshcaid, split into two different tiers, Basic and Pro. A subscription offers additional perks, raises limits, and enhances your overall experience on Meshcaid, especially for those of you who dive deep into the intricacies of all our systems.

First up, the biggest adjustment affecting all accounts on Meshcaid is a change to the daily node amounts and max multipliers. We would like to also mention that multipliers higher than the max will not be reset, however, they will no longer continue to grow any higher if the max multiplier limit has been reached.

Daily Nodes & Multipliers

Free Accounts
Daily Nodes: 5
Max Multiplier: x2.0
Maximum Nodes Daily: 10 Nodes

Backer Accounts
Daily Nodes: 10
Max Multiplier: x3.0
Maximum Nodes Daily: 30 Nodes

Basic Subscription Accounts
Daily Nodes: 15
Max Multiplier: x4.0
Maximum Nodes Daily: 60 Nodes

Pro Subscription Accounts
Daily Nodes: 20
Max Multiplier: x5.0
Maximum Nodes Daily: 100 Nodes

Monthly Bonus Nodes

We are also introducing monthly bonus Nodes for subscription accounts. You will receive these bonus Nodes when you first subscribe, or, if you are already a subscriber, on your account's monthly renewal when your subscription renews. These bonus Nodes will be deposited directly into your Meshcaid account balance.

Free Accounts
Monthly Bonus Nodes: None

Backer Accounts
Monthly Bonus Nodes: None

Basic Subscription Accounts
Monthly Bonus Nodes: 250 Nodes

Pro Subscription Accounts
Monthly Bonus Nodes: 600 Nodes

Exclusive Monthly Item

Pro Subscription members will receive a monthly exclusive item that will be a part of a grand annual collection. These collections will be based on an annual theme with a new collection beginning every year on January 1st. All exclusive monthly items will only be available for the month they are introduced and cannot be bought. They are awarded at the time of subscribing or when your subscription renews.

Pro Subscription Exclusive Monthly Item For January 2024: Great Alexander's Shield


Communities are coming to Meshcaid and they will play a vital role! Free users will be able to participate in communities, however, there are limitations to prevent abuse, specifically free users will not be able to create or modify communities. Basic and Pro users on the other hand will be able to create and modify communities with more information regarding communities becoming available when the communities feature release goes live.

Node Purchase Bonus

Need more Nodes? Node purchase bonuses are here! When buying additional Nodes receive an additional percentage based on your subscription level. Basic subscribers will receive a 5% purchase bonus and Pro subscribers will receive a 12% purchase bonus.

Bonuses Work As Follows:

  • Imagine you are a Pro subscriber
  • So you'll now be receiving 1,120 Nodes for $10.99
  • Normally you receive only 1,000 Nodes for $10.99.

Discord Perks

Just like how Backers have them, Pro and Basic subscribers also get Discord perks! Perks include the icon of your subscription level next to your name, sneak peeks of upcoming updates, a private subscriber-only channel, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I lose my multiplier if it's above the maximum already?
No, you will keep your multiplier, however, it will no longer grow any bigger and it will reset if you break your streak.

Will there be a 6-month, 12-month, or even lifetime option(s)?
At this moment the only option available will be monthly, however we have intentions of adding additional options in the future.

Will Backers make additional Nodes when subscribed? (Stackable Nodes)
No, Backers will not be compensated with additional Nodes at the Basic and Pro subscription levels. Backers will only have increased base daily Nodes when unsubscribed.

How much will a community cost to create?
This has not yet been determined and will be announced when the communities feature release goes live.

Backers were told they would receive said amount of months based on their Backer level of contribution, will that be Basic or Pro?
Backers will receive the amount of months they have depending on the tier they've purchased. The months will be distributed to Backer accounts in month blocks and can be redeemed at any time for a free month of Pro. Backers will be able to locate these months within their billing settings in the near future.

*FAQ was obtained by participants in the Discord Backer channel. Further questions are more than welcome in the general channel on the Meshcaid community Discord or underneath this post in the comments for further clarification and we will do our best to get back to you promptly.