The Weekly Bits - (2+2) = ?

The Weekly Bits - (2+2) = ?

This edition of the Weekly Bits was written by Jackbusters, an extremely active community member and also self-proclaimed Meshcaid Historian. Enjoy!

Another wild Weekly Bits has appeared! This time with a twist. Exabyte has become so immersed in his code that he has forgotten how to write in English. Fear not, Jackbusters is here to translate. This Weekly Bits will be primarily focusing on the progress of the client. There has been a ton of progress over the past few months, progress of which will be shared in this edition.

Major Milestone

If you’re on our Discord, and have been following the #progress-updates tab, you may have noticed that Exabyte was on top of Cha- I mean- You may have noticed that our client now officially has Multiplayer Compatibility. The first server has successfully launched, and worked as intended!

Exabyte as seen on top of Chance. It looks like there's still some things for them to smooth over though.

More “PeekSneaks”

The previous image features a very basic User Interface, worry not, this UI is simply a placeholder and will later be replaced with something much better looking. Here’s some more of that Placeholder GUI for you:

Sometime after this gif was shared, a resolution dropdown has been added. No footage of that yet, however.

Now, we know you haven’t seen a whole lot of footage of the avatar actually moving around. Despite this, there has been rapid progress on this front.

Let’s do a comparison of player movement back at the beginning of July to player movement today.


Now (August 2):

Editors note: Sorry for the hyper-compression. I hit a max upload limit. 

Notice now how the player has a face and skin tone. Animations for the avatars are already made, just not currently implemented. Let’s take a look at them.

That’s it for this week’s edition of The Weekly Bits! Tune in next week for more. Oh- and one more thing- courtesy of Exabyte.

Note: This won't actually be available. It was just funny that we even have it.