The Weekly Bits, we've returned!

The Weekly Bits, we've returned!

Wow! It's been quite a long time since we've last had a nice solid blog post, so here we are. Welcome back to the Weekly Bits, a (hopefully) once a week blog post about current events and status updates to Meshcaid as a whole.

So, to start things off– what exactly have we been up to after all this time? Well, that question comes with quite a long answer so let's strap in and I'll get to explaining.

Hey... are you guys actually working on a client?

Heck yes we are! In fact, I have been spearheading the entire operation of getting the client squared away for you guys. The last time we had actually been cracking away at the site, client development was absolutely stagnant. It's been a bit of a process just to get a working indev build so even remotely show off. We have a character, we have the animations we need, it's all down to getting all the pieces together to work in a nice sleek fashion.

I have since slowed down the animation speeds and adjusted gravity.

At the current stage of development, I'm making sure that the player experience with movement and visuals are solid without having too much jank. This, admittedly has been a pretty tough part of the whole process. Rest assured that development is still quite active and has been a great learning experience for me in the finer aspects of the developey bits.

Okay, so then like, how's the website coming along then?

The website is actually coming along really nicely. At the time of writing, we're about to open the gates to the forum so people can actually post and carry a conversation on the site without having to navigate to our Discord server.

Obviously that isn't exactly all of it. An incredible amount of work has been pushed into Meshcaid, some of it sometimes not even visible to the general public. On that note, there have been quite a few design changes here and there– ESPECIALLY if you've been around since the initial launch.

This was the site back on December 2018, credit to JackBusters for preserving a video showcasing this!
Current site as it is May 31st, 2021
The update message in the top right is for the 3.0.1 update for the site.
A pinned announcement from the forums, you can probably still view it at the time of writing.

You can definitely see that we've made quite a few changes to the dashboard and actually made it (in our opinion) a lot more clean and presentable. That's just the tip of the iceberg from here on out too! Our team has been pouring hours into this project and we hope that you can see that.

Do keep in mind that once the forums are back and ready for you to start posting, the daily login Node multiplier will unfreeze. This means that if you hadn't logged in within 48 hours before the forum came back online it will reset the multiplier. So, y'know, keep an eye on that. The current record (as of May 31st) is a 13.8 multiplier held by Jack. That's a lot! For context, that's nearly 18 straight weeks of daily logins!

With all that said and done, we're immensely grateful that you came and read this post. This could not have been done without our awesome wholesome community and the great support with every progress update we've posted on our Discord. It's almost hard to come up with the right words to truly express how much we appreciate the community and the OG's that stuck around through thick and thin.

With that, we hope you stick around too and see us through until the very end (if there is one.)