One Please.

One Please.

It's the end of the year and we have a major update and milestone for Meshcaid. Today we are taking a look at all of the new features that have been added to Meshcaid's latest update, v3.3.0. Also, dubbed, the Meshcaid Marketplace update.

As the update's name implies, we are happy to announce the official release of the Meshcaid Marketplace. Upon visiting the marketplace page, you'll be presented with 19 different options. These include the Featured Items, New Items, Trending, and of course, all of the different types of assets we will have available throughout the marketplace. At the bottom of the marketplace page, we will find 10 of the most recently released official Meshcaid items.

Moving forward, you'll see that results are based upon your chosen lists or categories. Filtering can further your search by sorting by the price range. These options include Any Pirce, Free Only, or setting a specific range. You can also add restrictions to the filter which include viewing Uniques Only, viewing Official Only, or allowing the results of the search to include Hidden/Offsale listings.

When viewing a marketplace listing, you'll find a 2D render of the item prior to your purchase. You will also be able to view the price, description, creation date, and creation author of the item. Below the listing, you'll be able to find similar items of the same category for the item you're looking at.

After you purchase your brand new piece of clothing for your character from the marketplace, we can now visit the inventory. The inventory will contain everything that you have purchased for your character. Your inventory can be filtered by categories of items.

Meshcaid Character Inventory

Now that you have your item in your inventory, we can visit the Character page. Here we have a 3D/2D render of your current character. Below the render, we find the options available to change our character's body and eye color.

On the right of the character customization page, we find two containers. The top one is all of the available items you own that you're able to wear on your character. The bottom container is everything your character is currently wearing.

We are continuing to work on new assets models and are now focusing on developing our Artist Studio dashboard. This is will allow the ability to design and upload your own clothing to Meshcaid through templates provided. The expected release date for this component is in January right now and we'll release more information regarding it as the time nears.

If you encounter any issues using the system, we encourage contacting our support team or speaking with a staff member directly on the Meshcaid Discord found here: . We thank everyone for their continued support!