October Highlights 2023

October Highlights 2023

As November marches onward, we thought it'd be a nice time to recap what happened last October and Halloween! The biggest part of it all – for Meshcaid anyway – was the Spooky Costume Contest that took place most of the month. There were a lot of great costumes as well as a few learned lessons.

For starters, we'd like to say that we will not be bringing back a dislike feature for voting. Some people (notably a user named after a bovine creature) were disliked into oblivion. We'd like to also mention that future events will take place on Meshcaid itself rather than on Discord or any other third-party applications. There are other ideas here and there that we'd like to incorporate, but for now, that's a Halloween secret we're going to keep to ourselves.

While the voting was a little weird, there were three costumes that stood out from the rest. Most notably being Jet's Haunted Hunter and Zandy's Jackson Van Pumkinstein.

In the Black Forest, skilled hunter William Haversham met a gruesome end. Four years later, the forest remains cloaked in an eerie aura. Legends speak of his presence, wielding his own axe to protect the woods. Whispers, strange happenings, and chilling encounters deter those who dare enter. William, the Haunted Hunter, now guards the haunted forest, an eternal sentinel whose story serves as a warning to all who venture into the dark woods. First-place winner, Jet's Haunted Hunter
In the eerie moonlight of Spooksville's Halloween night, the enigmatic Jackson Van Pumkinstein roamed the cobblestone streets. His impeccably tailored tie and vest gave him the look of a typical businessman, but his distinctive feature was impossible to ignore—an eerie, glowing jack-o'-lantern in place of a head. The townsfolk whispered in hushed tones about his extraordinary ability to peer into their deepest fears and desires. Jackson's unordinary appearance served as a constant reminder that in this peculiar town, the line between ordinary and extraordinary was delightfully blurred, especially on that gloomy Halloween evening. Second-place winner, Zandy's Jackson Van Pumkinstein
Third-place winner, Jack's Ghostly Gentleman

A huge congratulations to the winners of the Spooky Costume Contest, the stories from the first two winners really drove home the spirit of Halloween! Perhaps the forest that the Haunted Hunter is in resides next to Spooksville...

The first and second-place winners will receive surprisingly adorable Voodoo dolls based on their winning Spooky Costume Contest submissions. First place will receive the Voodoo doll and second place will receive the Voodoo doll necklace.

Jet's Haunted Hunter Voodoo Doll & Zandy's Pumkinstein Voodoo Doll Necklace

While voting for costumes has long since finished by now, there was one more vote held internally behind the scenes. We present to you, dear readers, our staff picks, otherwise known as honorable mentions, amazing submissions overall Meshcaid!

King's Business Casual Bunny
Slurp's Hipster Vegan
Lulu1010's Willy Wonka
Jack's Bun The Ripper

As a side note, there's no special prize for the staff-picked costumes except recognition from our staff team and from the readers of our newsletter.

Jack-o'-Head, 2023 Halloween collection (1/10)

However, that's not all, throughout the month of October our 2023 Halloween collection was slowly being released with some pretty gnarly additions, a total of 10 items were released including a new unique, the Ghostly Chapeau.

The Ghostly Chapeau went on sale beginning October 15th before going off sale on October 31st, it sold a total of 29 times and was on sale for 16 days before the listing expired and it went off sale.

The rest of the 2023 Halloween collection items remain on sale as of the publish date for this post, with one exception, the Jack-o'-Head, which went on sale October 1st, 2023 for the first time ever and went off sale October 31st at midnight. It will be available seasonally during these same times every year. So with that, we hope to see everyone again for next year's Halloween to make it even better!