The Grand Framework Update

The Grand Framework Update
2023 Meshcaid Framework Update

With the release of our brand new framework, we have lots of exciting updates to unpack with you all, for your benefit and enjoyment we have compiled a complete breakdown of all the new features and abilities you and the community will be able to utilize using the new framework. Although a few aspects remain incomplete at the time we are writing this masterpiece, we would still love to share our future plans so you can begin brainstorming your own ways to utilize them.

First things first, let us go on a small trip down memory lane where we see just how far the site has come since the last major overhaul. Meshcaid as a website began in December of 2018 with the infamous cube and the first iteration of the home dashboard, back then Meshcaid was fairly bare and experimental shown below with the friend list, status board, and the current state of the cube, I meant character of course.

Throughout the next 5 years, the site slowly evolved and grew into what it is today and we still have so much more planned and actively in the works. However a lot changed in the new update, the forums and marketplace got a nice facelift and nearly everything changed in one way or another, the games page was also brought to life with a placeholder game and games page.

Moreover, the whole framework update was spurred by improved user authentication, some users will remember keeping Meshcaid open in a tab for a while and coming back to a blank white screen you’d have to refresh from– that won’t happen anymore. Moreover, you can change how your eyes look, find these eyes in the store, all of which so far are free! For those of you who contributed to a pledge, you will have the Eyeless Eyes and the Glowing Purple Eyes in your inventory soon! Speaking of, as time goes on more and more small bugs with the rendering system will be fixed, but it is running a lot better than the old system.

Let's not forget about the forums either! They are looking excellent so far! Going waaay back to 2018, our old forum had over 600 threads containing 2.1K+ replies! We’d like to see posts like that again, good times.

Switching up the topics a little, we have to talk about Backer pledges and their ultimate finale on September 4th, 2023. Although we offered these pledges on and off throughout the past few years as a means for us to offset a few of our expenses we believe that Meshcaid has entered a new stage in its life cycle, a stage where backers remain but as an unobtainable part of the site forever, something that shows you were around in the beginning and believed in the vision when there wasn’t truly much of anything physically viewable or tangible in that sense.

As we move closer every day to a full-blown launch we want to respect these early contributors and reward them for their contributions. Throughout the time we offered backer pledges a grand total of more than 50 users pledged, we thank each and every one of you truly. If you were one of the people who pledged make sure to check your account for some additional rewards, they vary based on tier level, and some of these rewards will be delayed by a few weeks due to some issues and bugs, but they will automatically be given to every backer who qualifies.

Tribute to Meshcaid Backers!

As for what the team is working on next, our major focus now is the extermination of bugs throughout the website on all devices. At the same time, we will also be focusing on the development of the client, which is the last piece of the puzzle before the full-blown launch. Something some would consider small but personally we are very excited about is the introduction of buying and selling unique items on the marketplace, eventually followed by the ability to trade these items.

Special thanks to Arthur for helping write most of this article!