Meshcaid Costume Contest 2023

Meshcaid Costume Contest 2023

Happy Friday the 13th everyone! To kick off spooky season, we're launching an event that everyone can participate in! This year we're having a costume contest where you will get to vote on who has the best costume!

Winners will receive prizes based on how many community votes their costume(s) received in our Discord, any users costume who did not make the top 3 by vote count will not receive any prizes. The first place winner will get a custom Voodoo doll based of their winning costume submission along with 1000 Nodes. Our second place winner will also get a custom item, the Voodoo doll necklace based off of their winning costume submission along with 500 Nodes. Finally, the third place winner will receive 250 Nodes, and all winners will receive a special Discord role as well.

For fairness we are allowing only one prize slot per user, for example you cannot win 1st and 3rd place, but you can submit as many costumes as you'd like!

To participate, all you need to do is create your costume(s) and get a good screenshot of your avatar. You can do this from either the Character page or the Home page. Then, you can submit your costume on our Discord server under the Spooky Submissions channel. Submissions will close on October 23rd at 12PM MDT with voting starting right after, voting ends October 30th at 12PM MDT and winners will be announced this Halloween, October 31st, at 12PM MDT!

If you're not already in our Discord server, you can join it by clicking here. We'd love to see you around! Don't be afraid to add some lore to your costume! Try to keep it short and sweet if you do, but get creative, we love seeing what you can dream up!