Envisioning The Game Client

Envisioning The Game Client
Meshcaid Game Client News!

You'll be happy to hear that the team here at Meshcaid has begun focusing our work on finishing the game client and creating 4 base games along with it! We'll be breaking down and explaining these 4 base game concepts and our visions for them, so let's begin without further ado.

The first game is a melee weapon-only fighter game, including bare fists, swords, and more! It will be tournament-styled, with the ability to progress through the ranks and prove yourself as you acquire more items and experience. There will be a variety of different tournament modes and arenas, some being locked until you achieve a certain status.

Moving on to our second game, which will be a hangout for users to socialize, trade, and meet potential game developers to collaborate on new games! We will be focusing on creating a beautiful environment and atmosphere to really hone in on the best social environment possible. That's not all, users will spawn in a central location and will be able to travel to various other areas to take part in mini-games and earn in-game currency. There will also be an option to play alone or against other players, with the possibility of AI being integrated too. The in-game currency will be used to purchase in-game companions, customize social spaces, and so much more!

With our third game, you'll want to have a good reaction time, otherwise, you may find yourself outmatched. It will be a first-person shooter with free-for-all, 1v1, and team-based (2v2, 4v4, 2v2v2, and 4v4v4) being the initially available team configurations. Weapons will be classed as short, medium, or long-range for each different play style. The short-range class will be extremely accurate but limited in range, the medium-range class will have good range but will lack accuracy with a chaotic spray pattern, and finally, the long-range class will be deadly and accurate but only at long distances. Additionally, players can have up to 2 abilities, some of these abilities are ghost to hide from radar, stamina boost to increase a player's speed, the ability to launch themselves in a certain direction, and more. Team deathmatch, elimination, capture the flag, and king of the hill will also be available as game modes within the game.

To wrap things up with our fourth and final game, we have a racing game that will be a mix of real-world and cartoon-world physics, having a wide variety of vehicles and tracks for the quickest racers to challenge each other on. Like with the fighting game, this game will include leaderboards and tournaments but it will also enable you to challenge specific players with head-to-head races.

The team is super excited to share any future progress with you all so if you haven't already make sure to join our Discord so you can stay fully up to date with everything progress-related and more!