Cupid's Cache Quest 2024

Cupid's Cache Quest 2024

Welcome back to the newsletter, we’ve got a new event to share with you all, but don’t expect it to stay around too long. Live at the time of this post is our Valentine’s Day event, also known as Cupid’s Cache Quest, the event will run until the night of February 15th PDT timezone, so don’t miss out! Players can obtain new exclusive Valentine-themed items and Nodes. Keep reading to learn more about the specifics of the event and a sneak peek of the rewards!

1 Out Of 4 Of The Mystery Event Items

Cupid has lost 5 of his precious red hearts and someone has scattered them across the Meshcaid universe. Cupid needs your help searching for the lost hearts, in return he will grant you gifts! The event will work like a scavenger hunt and will be based entirely on the Meshcaid website. Any link that begins with ‘’ is fair game to potentially find one of Cupid’s missing hearts! There are 5 total missing hearts for each player to find scattered across the website. For each heart you successfully find and click on, Cupid will gift you with a secret reward ranging from Nodes to exclusive event items as a thank you for finding his missing heart(s)!

Cupid's Missing Heart(s) Reference - (The Hearts Themselves Will Be Smaller And Semi-hidden)

If a player manages to find and collect all 5 missing hearts they will have received a grand total of 4 exclusive Valentine's Day items and 300 Nodes. Happy hunting to you all and may your Valentine’s Day be filled with lots of love, Cupid insists!

2 Out Of 4 Of The Mystery Event Items